List of Lexis Nexis Titles in Academy Library

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Here is the list of LexisNexis titles included in Academy Library, they are free for access for eligible SAL members.  


1. Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act Compendium

2. The Law and Practice of Singapore Income Tax, 3rd Edition

3. Take-overs and Mergers, 3rd Edition

4. Evidence and the Litigation Process 7th Edition

5. Lye Lin Heng's Landlord and Tenant Law in Singapore (Second Edition)

6. Employment Law in Singapore, Sixth Edition

7. Financial Crimes in Singapore, Second Edition

8. Intellectual Property: A Business User's Guide

9. Singapore Mediation Handbook

10. Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, Sixth Edition

11. Tan Sook Yee's Principles of Singapore Land Law, Fourth Edition

12. Woon's Corporation Law, 2019 Desk Edition

13. A Practical Guide to the SIAC Rules

14. Banking Law, Third Edition

15. Companies Act - Compendium of Changes 2017/ 2018

16. Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore, Third Edition

17. Elements of Family Law in Singapore, Third Edition

18. Family Procedure in Singapore

19. Probate & Administration in Malaysia and Singapore, Fourth Edition

20. Singapore International Arbitration - Law & Practice, Second Edition 

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