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When HR professional Jelaine Low joined SAL eight years ago, she remembers being a “Jill of all trades”. “I was a generalist, taking on recruitment, payroll and performance management matters,” she recalls. But over the years, her managers noticed her eye for staff development and groomed her to be the go-to SAL officer for internal learning and development. 

Today, she charts the development of every SALer based on their unique strengths, career goals and interests. This doesn’t just mean signing them up for course after course. Instead, she considers each person’s learning style and needs, and makes customised recommendations that blend courses, online learning modules and even peer-to-peer learning. “I’ve been groomed to take on new challenges and I want to build that same experience for my fellow teammates,” she explains.

For her commitment to building a culture of learning at SAL, Jelaine was recently named an SAL Culture & Brand Ambassador, a new scheme that recognises SALers making a difference, both in the organisation and the community. Congratulations, Jelaine!