Leadership is one of those things that doesn’t benefit from a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Indeed, a diverse workforce requires a variegated and agile approach to leadership, as Shafiq Aziz learnt recently. Shafiq Aziz, an Assistant Director with SAL’s Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) team, attended a two-day workshop on situational leadership with other SAL staff. “It gave me an insight into how to manage people in different situations, as well as how to manage different personalities.”
This skill comes in handy when Shafiq interacts with SAL’s various departments, whose functions and working styles can vary greatly. “As our BPR lead, I have to get buy-in for the innovations or processes I am proposing. I also need cooperation from the teams to get the data I need to make informed choices.” WFH poses an additional challenge, as verbal and non-verbal cues sometimes evaporate in cyberspace. But thanks to the programme on situational leadership, Shafiq is more confident about dealing with various stakeholders online. “I’ve learnt to adapt to online communication to get a win-win for both parties.” 
SAL’s commitment to helping build future-ready professionals doesn’t stop at the legal industry. We’re also dedicated to improving and upskilling our staff so that they can do their day-to-day work better and enjoy careers that make a difference.