Emerging Commercial and Litigation Trends in Data Sovereignty and Digital Assets

Event is supported by Lupl. 

Venue: Stamford 1 & 2, The Adelphi #08-08, 1 Coleman Street (S179803)


The seminar aims to give an insight into the latest issues of the topics to be discussed by Senior Accredited Specialists.

CPD Points : 1

Past Event

Digitalisation has reached all corners of the market and left no sector untouched. Consumer habits and business models have been transformed by digital transformation and disruption for the better part of a decade. Organisations and companies across industries are now heavily reliant on data and digital solutions in improving their business proposition to offer new or better products and services to their customers and clients. With cross border trade the new norm, the flow of data across borders to facilitate B2C e-commerce and B2B outsourcing partnership is a crucial enabler. But data flows cannot be taken for granted. Further, the advent of blockchain coupled with the application of cryptography, has redefined digital assets and challenges the way the digital economy ought to view their ownership and value.

The distinguished panel, comprising Senior Accredited Specialists in Data and Digital Law from legal and inhouse practice, will attempt to distil the latest D2E commercial and litigation developments in the areas of data sovereignty and digital assets.

• Data flows across borders and management of data
• Data sovereignty and its implementation by policy, regulation and international standards
• Forms of digital assets enabled through blockchain and cryptography
• Digital assets, specifically crypto-tokens, legal issues relating to transactions of crypto assets, and rights and ownership disputes


Event Programme: 

3.30pm Opening remarks by Kannan Ramesh JA
3.40pm Panel Discussion and Q&A moderated by Mr Yeong Zee Kin
4.40pm Specialist Accreditation Scheme certificate presentation ceremony
5.00pm Networking and refreshments
5.30pm End




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