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  1. Deal Structuring

    Date & Time: 7-8 August 2024 (Day 1 & 2: 9.30am - 5.00pm)
    Venue: SAL, Stamford 1 & 2, The Adelphi #08-08, 1 Coleman Street S(179803)


    Corporate Module 1: Deal Structuring


    This module is designed for junior lawyers to be able to understand the fundamentals of deal structuring legal transactions; develop skills to analyse the features, merits, and drawbacks of common deal structures in various practice areas and to advise clients on deal structures confidently. Participants will be able to:


    • Distinguish between deal types, such as asset sale and share sale transactions, and grasp the unique provisions needed for each
    • Address cross-border complexities, encompassing governing law, jurisdictional considerations, and contractual provisions like warranties and indemnities
    • Explore the various stages of deal progression, incorporating preliminary agreements to facilitate negotiation and due diligence processes effectively
    • Examine different business frameworks, including the function of holding companies, and consider the contribution of transactional lawyers in facilitating deals


    Come join us for a complimentary session with Dr. Andrew Godwin on "Practice, Academia, and Law Reform – Weaving the Threads Together" on 7 August 2024. Registration starts at 5:00pm, seminar at 5:30pm, and networking refreshments at 6:30pm, held at Stamford 1 & 2, Singapore Academy of Law. Discover insights from Dr. Godwin's 15 years in private practice, 15 years in academia, and 3.5 years in law reform work. Click here Practice, Academia and Law Reform – Weaving the Threads Together ( for more details.

    Deal Structuring
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  2. The Business of Law
    The Business of Law

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