LawNet Asian Insights: Preparing for Company Winding up the role that in-house counsel plays

Preparing for Company Winding Up: The Role That In-House Counsel Plays

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This article was written with contributions from Mr Darius Tay, Director at BlackOak LLC, and
Ms Smitha Menon, Partner at WongPartnership LLP.

Declaring that a company would be wound up is not a decision that an organisation takes
lightly. Oftentimes, the first to be aware that there are signs that the company would be
wound up are the finance and legal departments who would in turn brief the management of
the organisation on the next steps to take.We spoke to two experienced insolvency practitioners for their insights on the role that in-house counsel plays when an organisation is preparing to be wound up as well as key
strategies to prevent hidden insolvency risks in their transactions.


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