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  1. The Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore – Annotations and Commentary

    Authored and edited by a team of prosecutors under the guidance of the former Chief Prosecutor of the Criminal Justice Division (who is now the Deputy Chief District Judge of the Subordinate Courts), this book attempts to provide an insight into the raison d’être of each of the provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code 2010. It also discusses some of the jurisprudence surrounding predecessors of the provisions (where applicable) and how they might serve to form the contours of some of the provisions of the new Code. This book serves as a useful guide to all who are involved in the administration of criminal justice in Singapore, as well as academics and students of criminal law.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Jennifer Marie (editor-in-chief) and Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir (general editor)

    Year of Publication: 2012

    Page Extent: 936 pages 

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    The Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore – Annotations and Commentary
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  2. Competition Law and Policy in Singapore (2nd Edition)

    Since the first edition was published, the Singapore competition law regime has developed considerably. New enforcement decisions have created a small but growing depository of local cases which will continue to shape the development and practice of competition law in Singapore. This book provides a comprehensive guide to how competition laws in Singapore will be implemented, and how businesses, practitioners and students should navigate the regime. This second edition explores the lessons from the infringement decisions issued by the Competition Commission of Singapore, many of which take into account Singapore’s unique circumstances.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Cavinder Bull SC, Lim Chong Kin

    Year of Publication: 2015

    Page Extent: 384 pages 

    Member's Price: $90.00 (before GST)

    Associate Student's Price: $72.00 (before GST)

    Non-Member's Price: $135.00 (before GST)

    Competition Law and Policy in Singapore (2nd Edition)
    Member's Price: SGD 90.00
    Usual Price: SGD 147.15
  3. Coroner's Practice in Medical Cases

    The work of the coroner, even within the legal and medical professions, is not often well understood. Though the law on negligence relating to medical cases is well established, little or none has been written on the coroner’s practice in medical cases. Currently, there is little guidance available in Singapore for lawyers, doctors and other professionals who may become involved in the investigation of deaths where issues of medical mismanagement are raised. It is hoped that the publication of this book will fill the gap.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Lee Eng Hin, Gilbert Lau, George Paul, Lai Siang Hui, Yeo Khee Quan, Chin Jing Jih, Ong Yong Yau, Lee Kok Onn, District Judge Danielle Yeow, District Judge Tan Boon Heng & District Judge Amy Tung

    Year of Publication: 2008

    Page Extent: 312 pages 

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     $75.00 (before GST)

    Coroner's Practice in Medical Cases
    Member's Price: SGD 50.00
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  4. Corporate Law

    The next edition of this title will be out in August 2024. To receive updates, please submit this form.

    This textbook incorporates all the changes introduced by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014, which made the largest series of amendments to the Companies Act since it was enacted in 1967. The first set of amendments came into effect in July 2015, and encompassed changes in areas including: expanding the scope of the statutory derivative action to allow a complainant even in a listed company to apply to court for leave to intervene in proceedings, which now also includes arbitration; relaxing further the capital maintenance rules generally, in particular, by removing the prohibition against financial assistance by private companies; and the introduction of a small company audit exemption. The remaining changes, with effect from 2016, include: provisions pertaining to directors (and now chief executive officers in some cases) and their qualification; removing restrictions caused by various definitions in the Companies Act of “equity share” and “preference share”, such as the one-share-one-vote requirement for public companies; and the increasing recognition of the use of the electronic medium in the context of the company.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Hans Tjio, Pearlie Koh, and Lee Pey Woan

    Year of Publication: 2015

    Page Extent: 858 pages 

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    Corporate Law
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  5. Criminal Law for the 21st Century - A Model Code for Singapore

    In this book, the authors propose a set of improved and modernised provisions expressing the general principles of criminal responsibility. This set of principles will comprise a “General Part” which, it is proposed, will form part of Singapore’s Penal Code. The key objective of devising and enacting the General Part is to significantly revitalise the Penal Code and restore many of its original technical attributes. Each chapter of this book comprises: (a) a carefully considered and drafted provision on a general principle of criminal responsibility; (b) a summary of the existing law in Singapore pertaining to that principle; (c) a selection of recent formulations of that principle from other jurisdictions to benchmark Singapore’s law (both current and proposed) with international best practices; and (d) a comparison of these formulations with the provision proposed in this book for inclusion as a General Part in Singapore’s Penal Code.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Chan Wing Cheong, Stanley Yeo and Michael Hor

    Year of Publication: 2013

    Page Extent: 408 pages 

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    $64.00 (before GST)
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    $120.00 (before GST)

    Criminal Law for the 21st Century - A Model Code for Singapore
    Member's Price: SGD 80.00
    Usual Price: SGD 130.80
  6. A Judge For the Ages – Essays in Honour of Justice Chao Hick Tin

    Justice Chao Hick Tin’s contribution as a judge is of the first rank. Born in Singapore, Justice Chao studied at Catholic High School before reading law at University College London. He was appointed Judicial Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Singapore on 1 October 1987. This marked the commencement of a distinguished judicial career from 1987 right through to 2017 – a remarkable period of approximately three decades (excluding two years, between 2006 and 2008, when he was Attorney-General) and a total period of half a century in service of his country. Justice Chao was appointed Judge of Appeal on 2 August 1999 and Vice-President of the Court of Appeal on 18 April 2008. In this book, experts from the Judiciary, practice and academia explore Justice Chao’s jurisprudence in 12 areas of private, public and international law. These essays honour Justice Chao’s lasting legacy as a role model for all who aspire to be judges of the highest calibre.

    General Editors: Judge of Appeal, Justice Andrew Phang Boon Leong and Associate Professor Goh Yihan
    Date of Publication: Sep 2017

  7. [Bundle] Law and Technology (Print + Digital)

    Please note that the digital copy can only be read on Academy Library, SAL’s proprietary eBook reader. It is not available in any other format (e.g. PDF). For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


    This primer by experts in their respective fields offers students and practitioners an overview of the relevant technologies, a survey of their impact on the content of law today, and a window into future issues that may arise – as well as some of the potential solutions. The text is meant to be accessible to students and practitioners, as well as to interested laypersons. The authors have strived to be clear and avoid unnecessary jargon – simple, but not simplistic.

    General Editors:
    Professor Simon Chesterman
    Professor Goh Yihan
    Justice Andrew Phang Boon Leong

    Year of Publication: 2021

    Page Extent: 756 pages 


    Member's Price: $65.00 (before GST)

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    [Bundle] Law and Technology (Print + Digital) Member's Price: SGD 65.00
    Usual Price: SGD 106.28