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  1. Contract Law in Singapore : Cases, Materials & Commentary (Print + Digital)

    Look out for our second edition coming out soon !


    This is the first contract law casebook which compiles extracts from the judgements of the Singapore courts, as well as excerpts from relevant Singapore statutes. It is designed to facilitate the teaching and learning of Singapore contract law by providing the reader with a systematic framework for understanding the core legal principles underpinning the different doctrinal facets of this subject. Every chapter provides an introductory overview of a key topic, including the formation of contracts, the interpretation of contracts and the discharge of contracts, to assist the reader in navigating a curated collection of case extracts from some of the most significant contract law cases that have emerged from the Singapore High Court and the Singapore Court of Appeal. Users of this book are invited to read the selection of materials critically in light of the accompanying commentary provided in each chapter, reflect on the “grey” areas of the law that have attracted controversy and consider the extent to which Singapore contract law is similar to, or different from, the position taken elsewhere.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Dr Burton Ong and Benjamin Wong

    Date of Publication: Dec 2019


    Member's Price: $156.00 (before GST)
    Associate Student's Price: 
    $124.80 (before GST)
    Non-Member's Price: 
    $234.00 (before GST)

  2. Environmental Law (Print + Digital)

    In a world of rapidly worsening environmental conditions, and amidst a growing urgent interest in best practices for addressing the crisis, Singapore is often lauded for its exemplary approach to environmental management, and its environmental law is sometimes credited for this achievement. However, while Singapore’s environmental laws have contributed to progress towards sustainable development, there is room for improvement. Environmental Law in Singapore is the first and only textbook on Singapore environmental law. It is an essential reference written for legal practitioners in and outside Singapore; researchers and students; as well as businesses, civil society and policy makers who want to gain a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the subject. The book explains the subject in the context of international and regional environmental law and the Singapore legal system. It describes, explains and critiques the applicable legal principles, legislative provisions and cases. Topics covered go beyond the traditional areas of criminal and civil liabilities in environmental regulation such as pollution control, waste management, nature conservation and climate change, to also include environmental governance issues such as procedural and substantive environmental rights. This book also considers developments in other jurisdictions where appropriate, for insights into potential areas for legislative or judicial reform.

    Authors: Joseph Chun and Lye Lin Heng

    Book is currently under reprint. Delivery will take place by end of May 2022.


    Member's Price: $117.00 (before GST)
    Associate Student's Price: 
    $93.60 (before GST)
    Non-Member's Price: 
    $175.50 (before GST)

    Environmental Law (Print + Digital)

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