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  1. Constitutional and Administrative Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary (Print + Digital)

    With the growing maturation of Singapore public law and divergent developments in Malaysia, this fourth edition of what was formerly Constitutional Law in Malaysia and Singapore has been renamed Constitutional and Administrative Law in Singapore: Cases, Materials and Commentary to reflect its new jurisdiction specific focus. It contains six new chapters on administrative law covering the theory, scope and principles of judicial review, rule-making and standing, dealing with all major Singapore cases. This fourth edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account all major developments that have transpired since the last edition.

    Authors: Kevin YL TAN and Thio Li-ann

    Date of Publication: February 2021


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  2. Modern Advocacy - Perspectives from Singapore (Print + Digital)

    Modern Advocacy is a book on trial advocacy written by Singapore practitioners for Singapore practitioners. The book is an illuminating insight into what Singapore advocates do and how they go about doing it. It is a singularly unique piece of work, not only for making inroads into the market (which until now survived on general primers from other jurisdictions) by providing a locally-flavoured book on advocacy, but also for its stellar list of contributors and General Editors. No less than 17 Senior Counsel, a retired Judge of Appeal, two High Court Judges, and a former best oralist (championship round) winner of the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition collaborated to bring this publication to fruition.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Eleanor Wong, Lok Vi Ming SC and Vinodh Coomaraswamy SC (general editors)

    Date of Publication: Jun 2008

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    Modern Advocacy - Perspectives from Singapore (Print + Digital)

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  3. Principles of Civil Procedure (softcover edition) (Print + Digital)

    This book examines the rules of civil procedure and the ever-increasing case law in the context of carefully designed, underlying principles. This is a unique approach and its purpose is to inculcate a fuller and deeper understanding of procedure. Principles of Civil Procedure will enable the reader to gain a fundamental understanding of the elements of civil procedure in a very meaningful way at every level. It will assist lawyers in mastering difficult issues of procedure and present them with persuasive points which they can use in their arguments in almost every area. Civil procedure is not merely a body of rules. Rules are the mere facets of the subject. A true understanding of civil procedure comes only with an appreciation of the purposes of the rules and their link to the objectives of litigation.

    Author(s): Jeffrey Pinsler SC

    Date of Publication: Dec 2012

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    Principles of Civil Procedure (softcover edition) (Print + Digital)

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  4. Intellectual Property Law of Singapore (softcover edition) (Print + Digital)

    This book centres on the discussion of intellectual property law in Singapore. The chapters are categorised into six Parts: Introduction; Copyright; Patents, Innovation and Inventions; Designs; Trade Marks, Passing Off and Unfair Competition; and Confidential Information. Each Part is written with the objective that it may be studied on its own. However, as there may be overlapping rights between the categories, cross-referencing between Parts and chapters is necessary. Singapore’s intellectual property law, like that in many other countries, is intricately bound to a larger set of international legal norms and standards. Therefore, the study of this branch of the law is not complete without consideration of the historical perspectives as well as the influences of international treaties and conventions in the different categories of intellectual property.

    Author(s): Susanna H S Leong

    Date of Publication: Jan 2013


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  5. Bundle Beyond Prison Alternative Sentencing in Singapore (Print + Digital)


    Senthilkumaran Sabapathy is a deputy public prosecutor and a deputy senior state counsel with the Attorney-General’s Chambers. He was previously a justices’ law clerk with the Supreme Court of Singapore and a visiting researcher with the National University of Singapore. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Oxford, and studied the UK’s legal system while attached to leading commercial and criminal barristers’ chambers. He has published numerous articles on Singapore and English law, and has a keen interest in advancing criminal justice in Singapore, including through the principled use of alternative sentencing.


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  6. [Bundle] Sentencing Frameworks quick reference guide and roadmap (Print + Digital)


    Quick Reference Guide and Roadmap


    The formulation of sentencing frameworks is an area of active judicial development and innovation in Singapore. In the past decade, these frameworks have appeared in more than 50 sentencing guideline judgments issued by the Singapore Court of Appeal and High Court. Many of the concepts employed in these sentencing frameworks – such as offence-specific sentencing factors, offender-specific sentencing factors, principal factual elements, multiple starting points sentencing approach, sentencing matrix and sentencing bands – have not been considered in other jurisdictions.

    Sentencing Frameworks is the first publication to analyse the substantial body of Singapore jurisprudence on sentencing frameworks. It offers the author’s perspectives on some of the considerations that can go into the formulation of sentencing frameworks. Sentencing Frameworks attempts to answer questions such as what are the different types of sentencing frameworks in Singapore, when would a sentencing framework be helpful, how can the offence-specific sentencing factors and principal factual elements for an offence be identified, what are the situations where a sentencing bands framework may be suitable, and how can the starting point sentences for a framework be derived.

    Sentencing Frameworks is suitable for criminal law practitioners and anyone who is curious about how sentencing frameworks can be formulated and how sentences can be derived.


    From the Foreword

    “This book is a timely response to the many developments in this fast-developing area of the law. Its contents offer useful insights not only as to how existing sentencing frameworks may be applied, but also as to where and how new frameworks might be meaningfully developed.”



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