The Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore – Annotations and Commentary (Print + Digital)

Authored and edited by a team of prosecutors under the guidance of the former Chief Prosecutor of the Criminal Justice Division (who is now the Deputy Chief District Judge of the Subordinate Courts), this book attempts to provide an insight into the raison d’être of each of the provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code 2010. It also discusses some of the jurisprudence surrounding predecessors of the provisions (where applicable) and how they might serve to form the contours of some of the provisions of the new Code. This book serves as a useful guide to all who are involved in the administration of criminal justice in Singapore, as well as academics and students of criminal law.

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Jennifer Marie (editor-in-chief) and Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir (general editor)

Date of Publication: Mar 2012

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The Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore – Annotations and Commentary (Print + Digital)
The Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore – Annotations and Commentary (Print + Digital)

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    - Systematic section-by-section analysis


    - Insightful discussions on the new provisions, such as community sentences and a framework for discovery, which had not previously been in existence


    - Comprehensive coverage of case law and other statutes which are still relevant under the new Code


    - One-stop resource: includes not only all the provisions of the Code, but also the current subsidiary legislation


    Jennifer Marie (editor-in-chief) and Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir (general editor)



    Lee Lit Cheng
    Han Ming Kuang
    Lee Jwee Nguan
    Toh Shin Hao
    Crystal Ong Wai Mun
    Chua Ying-Hong
    Sharmila Sripathy-Shanaz




    Part I          Preliminary
    Part II         Criminal Jurisdiction of Subordinate Courts
    Part III         Powers of Attorney-General and Public Prosecutor
    Part IV        Information to Police and Powers of Investigation
    Part V         Prevention of Offences
    Part VI        Arrest and Bail and Processes to Compel Appearance
    Part VII       The Charge
    Part VIII       Initiation of Criminal Proceedings and Complaint to Magistrate
    Part IX         Pre-trial Procedures in the Subordinate Courts
    Part X         Pre-trial Procedures in High Court
    Part XI        General Provisions Relating to Pre-trial and Plead Guilty Procedures in All Courts
    Part XII        Procedure at Trial in All Courts
    Part XIII       General Provisions Relating to Proceedings in Courts
    Part XIV      Evidence and Witnesses
    Part XV       Judgment
    Part XVI      Sentences
    Part XVII      Community Sentences
    Part XVIII     Compensation and Costs
    Part XIX       Disposal of Property
    Part XX        Appeals, Points Reserved, Revisions and Criminal Motions
    Part XXI       Special Proceedings
    Part XXII      Miscellaneous


    From the Foreword:

    “[A] book that gives an excellent explanation of the changes, how these relate to corresponding provisions in the old Code, what ends the provisions were drafted to meet, how they relate to other sections and whether or not those have been amended. The book also usefully considers the existing case law and the continuing relevance of this jurisprudence to the new provisions of the Code.
     … this book will serve as an indispensible guide to all of those involved in its administration, judicial officers who preside over criminal cases, prosecutors … and defence counsel, as well as teachers and students of criminal law. It is my pleasure to commend it without reservation.”

    — Sundaresh Menon SC
    Attorney-General, Singapore

    • 978-981-07-0498-8 / 978-981-18-0797-8
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