Annual Review of 2021 Cases on Muslim Law

In this webinar, the speaker will discuss the cases in 2021 emanating from the MUIS Appeal Board that span a diverse set of issues including the principles for the adduction of fresh evidence, division of matrimonial assets, the pronouncement of talak and the jurisdictional limits of the Muslim Courts. The session will also involve a presentation on significant recent developments in the Syariah Court for practitioners to take note of, as well as a panel discussion with a senior practitioner and member of the MUIS Appeal Board on the recent developments in Muslim law and on other related matters


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3.45 PM Participants to log in to Webinar
4.00 PM Presentation on 2021 Cases and Syariah Court development
5.15 PM Panel discussion / Q & A
5.55 PM Concluding Remarks 
6.00 PM End of Webinar

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