Beyond Prison Alternative Sentencing in Singapore


Senthilkumaran Sabapathy is a deputy public prosecutor and a deputy senior state counsel with the Attorney-General’s Chambers. He was previously a justices’ law clerk with the Supreme Court of Singapore and a visiting researcher with the National University of Singapore. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Oxford, and studied the UK’s legal system while attached to leading commercial and criminal barristers’ chambers. He has published numerous articles on Singapore and English law, and has a keen interest in advancing criminal justice in Singapore, including through the principled use of alternative sentencing.


Year of Publication: 2022

Page Extent: 296 pages 


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Beyond Prison Alternative Sentencing in Singapore The increasing importance of alternative sentences – referring to criminal punishments other than imprisonment and fines – has been one of the key themes of Singapore’s criminal justice system over the last decade. The alternative sentencing options in Singapore include: (a) community-based sanctions (such as probation and community sentences) which serve to punish and rehabilitate the offender in the community; and (b) reformative training, which is a custodial sentence focused on the structured rehabilitation of young offenders. This book analyses why and when alternative sentences should be utilised, drawing from fundamental sentencing theory and the legal principles developed by the Singapore courts. It also explores recent legislative developments and the latest case law on Singapore’s alternative sentencing options – including their specific application to young offenders and offenders with mental disorders. The book concludes by looking ahead to possible future developments in this significant, but often overlooked, area of criminal practice.

As the first book dedicated to alternative sentences in Singapore, this publication will be of value to any individual with an interest in criminal justice and sentencing, including students, legal practitioners, sentencing judges and anyone looking to enhance their understanding of Singapore’s criminal justice system.


From the Foreword:

The contents of this book are carefully curated to afford the reader a rigorous and well-rounded perspective of both the theory and practice underpinning Singapore’s alternative sentencing regime. … [T]he author’s analysis is commendable not only for its depth and clarity, but also for the manner in which it deftly integrates sound legal doctrine with relevant empirical and historical data.

The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon

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