The importance of pleadings can’t be overstated, as poorly written ones can, and often do, doom a case. So stay ahead of the curve with LawNet’s new database of actual pleadings. Picked by judges for their language, concision and organisation, the database is a useful guide to pen the perfect pleading.

How to access it

The database is a premium add-on service for LawNet basic subscribers in Singapore. When it is made available in the coming weeks, you will be able to find pleadings without having to trawl through individual case reports and sift through multiple versions.

You will be able to access pleadings through the “Civil Practice” tab:

Here, you will be able to search directly by keyword, subject matter or document title:

You can then view and download the pleadings as needed:

Alternatively, access pleadings directly from SLR cases as well. You will also be able to download them through this method.