Upcoming Titles

SAL Blogs

Forthcoming – Law Practice Series/Casebook Series

  1. Annotated Guide to the Singapore Insolvency Legislation - Corporate Insolvency by Mr Harold Foo and Ms Beverly Wee
  2. Corporate Governance – Second Edition by Ms Kala Anandarajah
  3. Singapore Rules of Court: A Practice Guide 

Forthcoming – Monograph Series

  1. Sentencing Frameworks
  2. Commercial Conflict of Laws by Prof Yeo Tiong Min SC
  3. Youth Justice in Singapore - Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Restoration 

Forthcoming – Commercial Law in Asia Series 

  1. COVID-19 and International Economic Law: China and a Changing World

Forthcoming – Others

  1. Fact-Finding and Reality: A Judicial Decision-Making Primer by See Kee Oon J