Uncover the Legal Landscape with Singapore Rules of Court - A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) — Here's Why You Should Read This Pioneering Procedural Book


Singapore has a rich, unique and complex legal system influenced by its colonial past. For a clear understanding of the country's legal system, a publication you should not miss is Singapore Rules of Court – A Practice Guide (2023 Edition), which focuses on the Rules of Court 2021 that entered into effect in April 2022. This fundamental resource is co-edited by Justice Chua Lee Ming (Judge, Supreme Court of Singapore) and Judge Paul Quan (Executive Director, Singapore Judicial College), and contains chapters written by a stellar list of leading academics, practitioners and members of the Singapore Judiciary.

Here are the top reasons why this go-to manual should be on every legal professional’s—especially litigation lawyer’s—reading list.

  1. A comprehensive guide to Singapore civil procedure
    Singapore Rules of Court – A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) is a comprehensive guidebook offering valuable insights into the rules that govern civil proceedings in Singapore. It covers crucial aspects such as evidence, case management and originating processes. With this book, you gain a thorough understanding of the legal framework, enabling you to navigate court processes more effectively and confidently.
  2. Enhance case strategy and preparation
    Knowledge of the rules on civil procedure is essential to crafting effective case strategies and making persuasive arguments. This book offers valuable insights into the court's expectations and enables you to anticipate potential challenges and avoid pitfalls.
  3. Efficiently navigate court processes
    Legal proceedings can be complex. Singapore Rules of Court – A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) provides clarity on the steps involved, the timelines to adhere to and the documents required. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a young lawyer, this book equips you with the necessary tools to navigate court procedures seamlessly.
  4. Valuable resource for researchers and law students
    This book is an invaluable resource as it provides a foundation for understanding court processes and the underlying principles of Singapore civil procedure. The practical insights and case discussions illustrate how such principles apply in real-world scenarios. The book also serves as a dependable starting point for legal research, providing readers with scholarly commentary on the Rules of Court 2021.
  5. Insights and commentary from experts
    The compendium contains chapters written by 21 contributors, with input from the general editors, who were on the team implementing the new Rules with former Justice Ang Cheng Hock. Their industry-leading commentaries not only highlight differences between the new and former Rules, but also reflect the spirit of the new Rules.

Singapore Rules of Court – A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of Singapore civil procedure. Unlock your competitive edge now.

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