[Bundle] Singapore Rules of Court - A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) (Print + Digital)

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Editor-in-Chief: The Honourable Justice Chua Lee Ming

General Editor: Judge Paul Quan


A publication by Academy Publishing in collaboration with the Singapore Judicial College, Singapore Rules of Court: A Practice Guide offers incisive commentaries on the Rules of Court 2021 written by a select group of contributing authors. The commentaries offer valuable insight into and understanding of the thinking behind these rules, as most of the authors did work involving this revolutionary set of civil procedure rules before it came into effect on 1 April 2022. The editors, Justice Chua Lee Ming and Judge Paul Quan, provided guidance, lending their first-hand knowledge of and experience with the new rules in the Civil Justice Commission and subsequently in the Rules of Court Implementation Team. True to its form, Singapore Rules of Court: A Practice Guide features a quick reference format that, together with the succinct commentaries, makes it a handy court companion for the bench and practitioners. The legislation reproduced in this edition is up to date as of 29 November 2022.


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[Bundle] Singapore Rules of Court - A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) (Print + Digital)
[Bundle] Singapore Rules of Court - A Practice Guide (2023 Edition) (Print + Digital)

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    • Order 1: Citation, Application and Definitions
    • Order 2: Overview
    • Order 3: General Matters
    • Order 4: Parties to Proceedings and Causes of Action
    • Order 5: Amicable Resolution of Cases
    • Order 6: Commencement of Proceedings
    • Order 7: Service in Singapore
    • Order 8: Service Out of Singapore
    • Order 9: Case Conferences and Applications in an Action
    • Order 10: Third Party and Similar Proceedings
    • Order 11: Production of Documents
    • Order 12: Expert Evidence
    • Order 13: Injunctions, Search Orders and Other Interim Relief before Trial
    • Order 14: Payment into and out of Court
    • Order 15: Court Hearings and Evidence
    • Order 16: Withdrawal and Discontinuance
    • Order 17: Judgments and Orders
    • Order 18: Appeals from Applications in Action, Registrar’s Decisions and Trials of Originating Application by District Judge or Magistrate
    • Order 19: Appeals from Judgments and Orders after Trial and under Medical Registration Act
    • Order 20: Appeals from Tribunals and Case Stated
    • Order 21: Costs
    • Order 22: Enforcement of Judgments and Orders
    • Order 23: Contempt of Court
    • Order 24: Prerogative Orders
    • Order 25: Court Fees
    • Court 26: Registry and Administration
    • Order 27: Lodgment in Court, Money in Registry and Payment to Sheriff
    • Order 28: Electronic Filing Service
    • Order 29: Referrals on Issues of Law
    • Order 29A: Requests for Opinions on Questions of Foreign Law 


    List of Contributors

    Navin Anand

    Cheng Pei Feng

    Chew Xiang

    Gan Kam Yuin

    Huang Jiahui

    Aurill Kam

    Koh Swee Yen SC

    Kevin Kwek

    Louis Lau

    Vincent Leow

    Colin Liew

    Elaine Liew

    Francis Ng SC

    Jeffrey Pinsler SC

    Vikram Rajaram

    Soh Kian Peng

    Constance Tay

    Benedict Teo

    Teo Guan Kee

    Tham Lijing

    Wong Baochen


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