Contract Law in Singapore : Cases, Materials & Commentary (Print + Digital)

This is the first contract law casebook which compiles extracts from the judgements of the Singapore courts, as well as excerpts from relevant Singapore statutes. It is designed to facilitate the teaching and learning of Singapore contract law by providing the reader with a systematic framework for understanding the core legal principles underpinning the different doctrinal facets of this subject. Every chapter provides an introductory overview of a key topic, including the formation of contracts, the interpretation of contracts and the discharge of contracts, to assist the reader in navigating a curated collection of case extracts from some of the most significant contract law cases that have emerged from the Singapore High Court and the Singapore Court of Appeal. Users of this book are invited to read the selection of materials critically in light of the accompanying commentary provided in each chapter, reflect on the “grey” areas of the law that have attracted controversy and consider the extent to which Singapore contract law is similar to, or different from, the position taken elsewhere.

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Dr Burton Ong and Benjamin Wong

Year of Publication: 2020

Page Extent: 680 pages 


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Contract Law in Singapore : Cases, Materials & Commentary (Print + Digital)
Contract Law in Singapore : Cases, Materials & Commentary (Print + Digital)

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Chapter 1         Formation                                                                                        

Chapter 2         Consideration      

Chapter 3         Terms

Chapter 4         Frustration  

Chapter 5         Breach  

Chapter 6         Remedies  

Chapter 7         Privity  

Chapter 8         Illegality  

Chapter 9         Misrepresentation  

Chapter 10       Mistake   

Chapter 11       Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionability




Dr Burton Ong is an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Law, where he is the convener for the Law of Contract module, a first-year compulsory module in the faculty’s core curriculum. Apart from contract law, he also teaches and researches in the areas of competition law and intellectual property law. He also sits on the executive committees of the EW Barker Centre for Law & Business, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law and Centre for Pro Bono & Clinical Legal Education, while serving as Director of the Faculty’s Continuing Legal Education Committee.


Benjamin Wong is a Sheridan Fellow at the National University of Singapore (“NUS”). After graduating from NUS with an LLB, he served as a research assistant at the EW Barker Centre for Law & Business, assisting in research on intellectual property law and competition law, among other subject areas. He has taught in the first-year contract law course, as well as a course on privacy and data protection law.


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