Corporate References

Corporate References is a subscription service that includes the following:

1. Commercial Precedents

2. SAL Clause Bank

3. Guides & Toolkits


Corporate References aims to provide a set of quality basic precedent templates and to provide guidance for corporate counsel, young lawyers starting out in practice, and law practices that are occasionally involved in commercial work. The 126 precedents are curated and contributed by leading law firms with subject matter expertise, and updated regularly for currency. The Guides & Toolkits provide Practice Notes and Checklists to navigate commercial transactions with confidence. The SAL Clause Bank encompasses boilerplate clauses for significant standard clauses in commercial agreements and provides guidance on how to use these and implications of the clauses.


Corporate References is a 12-month subscription-based service starting from the date of your purchase, and the resources can be accessed via Access will commence 3 working days after purchase.  


Member's Price: $250 (before GST)

Student's Price: $200 (before GST)

Non-member's Price: $500 (before GST)


This subscription is Credit Dollar (C$) redeemable for SAL members. 


[Subscribers of the LawNet Basic plan can enjoy Corporate References at no additional cost.]

CPD Points : N/A



In 2024, LawNet has brought significant enhancements to these templates with the SAL Clause Bank and the introduction of the Guides & Toolkits modules:

  • SAL Clause Bank is a set of 28 boilerplate clauses commonly found in commercial agreements with Practice Notes highlighting the implications of these clauses.
  • Guides and ToolkitsWe understand the importance of guidance throughout various legal processes and with the use of the precedents. This is a new section featuring comprehensive guides and toolkits to assist you.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction GuideTo kickstart this new initiative, the first guide focuses on mergers and acquisitions transactions. It provides a checklist taking you through a M&A transaction, with accompanying Practice Notes and relevant precedents that can be useful. Our M&A guide has been reviewed by leading M&A practitioners, ensuring quality and reliability. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just diving into M&A, this guide will equip you with essential insights and actionable checklists for navigating these complex transactions with confidence.
  • Upcoming Employment and Tech Toolkits: targeted September and December 2024.

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