Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency in Asia (PDF only)


SAL members enjoy 60% off for Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency in Asia 2020, a 860-page compendium that details the corporate restructuring and insolvency regime in 16 APAC jurisdictions, including all ten ASEAN member states and Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan and South Korea.

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Publisher: Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI)

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Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency in Asia is published by the Asian Business Law Institute in partnership with the International Insolvency Institute, providing a bird's-eye view of the corporate restructuring and insolvency landscape in 16 jurisdictions across Asia Pacific and covering a wide variety of issues including the role of insolvency officeholders, to the effect of stays and moratoria, rescue financing, ranking and priority, treatment of foreign creditors, and the management of international and cross-border insolvencies and restructuring matters.

Authored by practitioners who are insolvency specialists in their respective jurisdictions and reviewed by insolvency experts highly regarded internationally, all reports in the publication not only delve into the law as written and the law as practised in each jurisdiction when read individually, but also offer a comprehensive (and comparative) picture of the current regimes of the relevant jurisdictions when read together.

The main features of this publication are:

· First time all ten ASEAN member states are included in one publication

· First time the new regimes in Brunei, Lao and Myanmar are discussed in detail

· Includes key civil law jurisdictions, such as China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea

· Discusses both the regime under the Companies Act and that under the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act in the Singapore chapter

· All reports are fully-sourced and footnoted (not in Q&A format), with appendices of legislation

· Many chapters have been personally reviewed by members of the judiciary

Apart from the paperback version, the publication is also available in electronic form. Readers who would like to purchase the e-book can place their orders at or contact Catherine Shen ( for inquires.


Foreword (pp. v–viii)

The Honourable Chief Justice James Allsop AO and The Honourable Justice Kannan Ramesh

Australia (pp. 1–71)

Reporters: Maria O’Brien and Timothy Sackar

Brunei (pp. 72–103)

Reporter: Nava Palaniandy

Cambodia (pp. 104–147)

Reporter: Jay Cohen

China (pp. 148–196)

Reporters: Shen Yuhan and Peng Fei

Hong Kong SAR (China) (pp. 197–267)

Reporter: Tom Pugh

India (pp. 268–317)

Reporter: Pulkit Gupta

Indonesia (pp. 318–357)

Reporters: Indri Pramitaswari “Mita” Guritno; Kadir, Andi Y; Timur Sukirno and Agung Wijaya

Japan (pp. 358–416)

Reporters: Shinichiro Abe, Shinnosuke Fukuoka, Yosuke Kanegae and Zentaro Nihei

Lao (pp. 417–436)

Reporters: Lee Hock Chye and Ketsana Phommachane

Malaysia (pp. 437–488)

Reporter: Andrew Chiew Ean Vooi

Myanmar (pp. 489–532)

Reporter: Scott Atkins

Philippines (pp. 533–586)

Reporter: Antonio Jose Gerardo T Paz

Singapore (pp. 587–666)

Reporters: Manoj Pillay Sandrasegara and Sim Kwan Kiat

South Korea (pp. 667–735)

Reporter: Chiyong Rim

Thailand (pp. 736–763)

Reporter: Dr Justice Kanok Jullamon

Vietnam (pp. 764–804)

Reporter: Dr Vu Thanh Van

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