Industrial Design Law in Singapore Digital

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This book sets out a discussion of industrial design law in Singapore, beginning with a general introduction to industrial design, its importance to Singapore as one of the creative industries and its relation to intellectual property. It then proceeds to discuss, in some detail, the registered design system of Singapore which is followed by chapters setting out an overview of how copyright, passing off and trade mark law may also be relevant in protecting certain aspects of design. The problem caused by overlapping rights is also addressed. In addition, the text includes discussions of English, European and Australian laws for comparative and law reform purposes, and concludes by highlighting some areas where law reform might be considered.

Author: George Wei Sze Shun

Year of Publication: 2012

Page Extent: 648 pages 

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George has written several books in the area of intellectual property. These include Law of Copyright in Singapore as well as a text on Life Sciences, Genetic Engineering and the Law. He has served as a member of the Singapore Copyright Tribunal and has published numerous articles on a broad range of intellectual property topics as well as on confidentiality and privacy.
George has taught intellectual property law at the Singapore Management University and the National University of Singapore. He is currently a Professorial Fellow of the Intellectual Property Academy of Singapore.




Chapter 1   An Introduction to Industrial Design
Chapter 2   Protection of Designs and the Registered Designs System of Singapore
Chapter 3   Copyright Protection in Singapore – Designs and the Registered Design System
Chapter 4   Tort of Passing Off, Registered Trade Marks and Industrial Design – Get-up and Shapes
Chapter 5   A Short Guide to Industrial Design Protection in the UK and Australia
Chapter 6   Some Concluding Remarks – Industrial Designs and Singapore




From the Foreword:

“As one would naturally expect, Professor Wei has produced a work of real scholarship … I wish it well and am confident that it will be received and used with the same enthusiasm as went into its writing.”

— Gerald Dworkin
Emeritus Professor of Law, King’s College, University of London

  • Industrial Design Law in Singapore Digital
  • 978-981-17-0833-6
  • Digital
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