Personal Property Law

This book states, discusses and methodically analyses not only the common law but also the common law of Singapore. It strives to engage with theories and doctrines of property as well. For students, the theoretical and doctrinal discussions should help expose the intellectual framework of personal property law and the deeper and broader currents that shape the diverse and incongruous conceptions of personal property. These discussions are helpful in gaining an understanding when being initiated into a subject.

Author(s): Tan Yock Lin

Year of Publication: 2014

Page Extent: 1,488 pages 


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Property law


Practitioners will no doubt focus on the details, avoiding the theories, for concrete outcomes. Nevertheless, when serious controversies arise, answers will not be found unless and until the rules which have a bearing are seen against the intellectual framework into which they fit. These discussions will help one to penetrate behind the form of the rules to their sense or substance, expose errors of perspective and reasoning, and distinguish the core from the peripherals.



Author's Profile 


Tan Yock Lin is a law professor. He became a full professor in 2001 at the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law where he has taught evidence, private international law, and equity and trusts.
His books include The Law of Advocates and Solicitors in Singapore and West Malaysia (Singapore: Butterworths Asia, 2nd Ed, 1998) and Conflicts Issues in Family and Succession Law (Singapore: Butterworths Asia, 1993).
He is also the primary author of Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore’s volumes on equity and trusts, and evidence.



Chapter 1 Introductory General Principles
Chapter 2 Property Rights Defined
Chapter 3 Possession and Possessory Titles
Chapter 4 Voluntary Change of Possession
Chapter 5 Bailment
Chapter 6 Documents of Title
Chapter 7 Property in Money
Chapter 8 Bill of Exchange as Document of Payment
Chapter 9 Property Torts
Chapter 10 Acquisition of Ownership by Consent
Chapter 11 Sale of Goods
Chapter 12 Transfer of Title in Sale by Non-owner
Chapter 13 Retention of Title
Chapter 14 Other Commercial Transfers of Property in Goods
Chapter 15 Title of Ownership by Original Acquisition
Chapter 16 “Dismemberment” of Ownership
Chapter 17 Intangible Property
Chapter 18 Choses in Action Generally
Chapter 19 Securities
Chapter 20 Intellectual Property
Chapter 21 Personal Property Security Interests
Chapter 22 Possessory Security Interests
Chapter 23 Non-possessory Security Interests
Chapter 24 Rights and Duties in Relation to Security Interests


• Comprehensive treatise on personal property law
• Thorough treatment of tangible property (eg, chattels) and intangible property (eg, corporate shares, intellectual property)
  • Personal Property Law
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