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  1. Pursuing Justice and Justice Alone – The Heart and Humanity of Andrew Phang’s Jurisprudence

    Pursuing Justice and Justice Alone was commissioned by The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, and the book was edited by Judicial Commissioner Goh Yihan. The authors were specially commissioned to contribute essays honouring Justice Andrew Phang’s contributions to the Singapore legal system in general and, of particular note, his contributions to local jurisprudence over the course of 18 years on the Bench. Each of the individual contributors are themselves experts in their field of law.


    This book is a tribute to the exceptional legacy Justice Andrew Phang leaves behind. It is a book that will inspire all aspiring jurists, while it is a record of memories of the phenomenal work done by Justice Andrew Phang. It is an excellent and engaging read for those who want a glimpse into the heart and humanity of Justice Phang’s jurisprudence.

  2. Corporate Governance - Practice and Issues (2nd Ed)

    The second edition of Corporate Governance – Practice and Issues is a book on corporate governance written in a practical manner and intended to provide guidance to directors, executives, managers, company secretaries, professional advisers, including lawyers and auditors. It draws on the three decades of experience of the author in the field of corporate governance, stressing the single most important element of integrity, the courage to act on that integrity and basically to do the right thing in the right way at all times. This edition updates the law over the last ten years, and discusses the evolution in corporate governance and whether there has been an improvement.


    Taking an out-of-the-box approach, the book (a) looks at the history and evolution of corporate governance over the last three decades; (b) discusses environmental social governance; (c) studies the division of power in the company, looking specifically at whether it is the shareholders, the management or the Board, whether as a whole or through individual directors, who wield power; (d) discusses the traditional concerns about director roles, duties, responsibilities and ensuing liabilities, and the importance of transparency achieved through disclosure and more; (e) reviews the board committees, the need for them, the roles they play and their effectiveness; (f) studies key issues relating to remuneration, the entitlement issues, and how it is to be set; (g) reviews internal control and risk management issues and how these should be handled; and more.


    Also included are practical discussion points, and a dedicated chapter focusing on nominee directors and the issues that plague them. Another unique aspect of the book is a chapter dealing with governance concerns of the boards or councils of statutory bodies, which are typically regulated by Acts of Parliament.


    The recurrent theme in the book is that corporate governance is not just about structures and processes, but about having the right people do the right thing through the right means all of the time; that is, the structures and processes may be the building blocks of corporate governance, but it is the collection of individuals who provide the foundation.


    To download a sample of the book, click here.


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  3. [Bundle] Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy (Print + Digital)

    The digital economy is an integral part of our daily lives. We spend a significant amount of our time on social media services, e-commerce marketplaces and other online apps and platforms, but how much do we know about the policies and regulations that keep us safe and businesses honest? Additionally, the ubiquity of data-driven technologies, such as online search services, digital advertising and artificial intelligence, has prompted the need for regulations to safeguard consumer interests and expectations of privacy. As data is also an asset and important input for innovation and competitiveness, business-to-business tensions over access to and use of data are starting to froth.


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    [Bundle] Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy (Print + Digital)

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  4. [Bundle] Legal Professional Privilege 2nd Edition (Print + Digital)

    Please note that the digital copy can only be read on Academy Library, SAL’s proprietary eBook reader. It is not available in any other format (e.g. PDF). For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


    Legal professional privilege is of fundamental importance to both providers and users of legal services, but remains in many respects a technical and often overlooked area of law. The comprehensive treatment afforded to the subject in this book makes it a valuable resource for all practising lawyers, in-house counsel, courts and arbitrators, both in Singapore and in other common law jurisdictions.


    This second edition is revised and updated to reflect the 2020 Revised Edition of Acts, the new Rules of Court 2021 and the Singapore International Commercial Court Rules 2021, as well as a number of important local and international judgments handed down since the publication of the first edition.


    To download a sample of the book, click here.


    Year of Publication: 2023

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    [Bundle] Legal Professional Privilege 2nd Edition (Print + Digital)

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