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  1. Data Protection in the Practical Context - Strategies and Techniques

    Data Protection in the Practical Context – Strategies and Techniques provides a detailed study of the law, practice and policy of personal data protection law in Singapore. As the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) that was adopted in April 2016 included provisions implementing a formidable extended jurisdictional reach, this book also provides practical coverage of the GDPR and gives clarity to the key provisions. Including an extensive exposition on Big Data and the Internet of Things and their inter-relationship with cybersecurity, this book is an essential tool for anyone who has to deal with personal data protection matters, ranging from the practitioner, to the in-house counsel and all businesses.

    Author: Hannah YeeFen Lim

    Year of Publication: 2017

    Page Extent: 400 pages 

    Member's Price: $60.00 (before GST)
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    $48.00 (before GST)
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    $90.00 (before GST)

    Data Protection in the Practical Context - Strategies and Techniques
    Member's Price: SGD 60.00
    Usual Price: SGD 98.10
  2. Information and Communication Technology Law in Singapore (Print + Digital)

    Information and Communications Technology Law in Singapore is the first and only textbook to bring together a variety of topics on the law regulating the use of infocomm technology (“ICT”). The authors provide a comprehensive account of local jurisprudence in relation to the subject and also delve into a comparative study of the laws in other jurisdictions in areas where domestic law is still in its infancy. This work will provide the reader with a deep understanding of the domestic and global trends in the development of online regulations, the domain name regime, e-commerce and computer crime laws as well as laws concerning data protection and privacy interests.

    Authors: Warren B Chik and Saw Cheng Lim

    Year of Publication: 2020

    Page Extent: 552 pages 

    Member's Price: $117.00 (before GST)
    Associate Student's Price: 
    $93.60 (before GST)
    Non-Member's Price: 
    $175.50 (before GST)

  3. Intellectual Property Law of Singapore (softcover edition)

    This book centres on the discussion of intellectual property law in Singapore. The chapters are categorised into six Parts: Introduction; Copyright; Patents, Innovation and Inventions; Designs; Trade Marks, Passing Off and Unfair Competition; and Confidential Information. Each Part is written with the objective that it may be studied on its own. However, as there may be overlapping rights between the categories, cross-referencing between Parts and chapters is necessary. Singapore’s intellectual property law, like that in many other countries, is intricately bound to a larger set of international legal norms and standards. Therefore, the study of this branch of the law is not complete without consideration of the historical perspectives as well as the influences of international treaties and conventions in the different categories of intellectual property.

    Author(s): Susanna H S Leong

    Year of Publication: 2013

    Page Extent: 1,352 pages 

    Member's Price: $90.00 (before GST)

    Associate Student's Price: $72.00 (before GST)

    Non-Member's Price: $135.00 (before GST)

    Intellectual Property Law of Singapore (softcover edition)
    Member's Price: SGD 90.00
    Usual Price: SGD 147.15
  4. [Bundle] Law and Technology (Print + Digital)

    Please note that the digital copy can only be read on Academy Library, SAL’s proprietary eBook reader. It is not available in any other format (e.g. PDF). For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


    This primer by experts in their respective fields offers students and practitioners an overview of the relevant technologies, a survey of their impact on the content of law today, and a window into future issues that may arise – as well as some of the potential solutions. The text is meant to be accessible to students and practitioners, as well as to interested laypersons. The authors have strived to be clear and avoid unnecessary jargon – simple, but not simplistic.

    General Editors:
    Professor Simon Chesterman
    Professor Goh Yihan
    Justice Andrew Phang Boon Leong

    Year of Publication: 2021

    Page Extent: 756 pages 


    Member's Price: $65.00 (before GST)

    Associate Student's Price: $52.00 (before GST)

    Non-Member's Price: $97.50 (before GST)


    [Bundle] Law and Technology (Print + Digital) Member's Price: SGD 65.00
    Usual Price: SGD 106.28