SAL Journal 2010 Special Issue (Land Law)

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Kevin Gray (guest editor)

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Journal Special Issue


Academy Publishing is pleased to announce its latest addition to its collection of academic journals, SAL Journal 2010 Special Issue (Land Law). This issue features articles on:


(a) the Torrens system in the 21st century;

(b) REITs and recent legal and regulatory developments and the case for corporatisation;

(c) how the relevant collective sale provisions balance the competing interests involved and the judicial approach in this regard;

(d) recent developments in England and Wales on proprietary estoppel;

(e) the five persistent puzzles surrounding constructive trusts in Singapore;

(f) the amendments to the Land Acquisition Act; and

(g) the concept of ownership of land in the context of environmental concerns of today.




Professor Gray is a Professor of Law at both the University of Cambridge and the National University of Singapore. Together with his wife, Susan Francis Gray, Prof Gray is the author of Elements of Land Law, a leading textbook in the field.




(1)   Introduction
(2)   Whither Torrens Title in Singapore?
(3)   Real Estate Investment Trusts in Singapore: Recent Legal and Regulatory Developments and the Case for Corporation
(4)   Collective Sales in Singapore: Selected issues
(5)   Proprietary Estoppel: Recent Developments in England and Wales
(6)   The Constructive Trust in Singapore: Five Persistent Puzzles
(7)   Compulsory Acquisition of Land in Singapore: A Fair Regime?
(8)   Land Law and the Environment: Re-examining the Concept of Ownership and Forging New Rights and Obligations in a Changed World 
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