SAL Journal 2010 Special Issue (Biomedical Law)

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Bartha Maria Knoppers (guest editor) and W Calvin Ho (assistant guest editor)

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Journal Special Issue


Academy Publishing is pleased to announce its latest addition to its collection of academic journals, SAL Journal 2010 Special Issue (Biomedical Law and Ethics). This issue features articles on:


(a)   the emerging legal issues to a number of key features of the regulatory framework for human biomedical research;

(b)   the American system of ethical review conducted by institutional review boards, and the “Federal Wide Assurance” requirement for all research or whose staff collaborates on such research;

(c)    the law-making activities of the Singapore legislature in the context of global and national trends in biomedical and healthcare developments from 2000–2010;

(d)   the policy and regulatory changes that have taken place in Japan, and the rationale and motivations behind these changes; (e)   the framework for living wills or advance medical directives, introducing means by which the currency of living wills could be ascertained and the adverse cost implications arising from ambiguity in the legal status of a deceased’s tissue and body;

(f)     the origins of Singapore’s current institutional review board based governance framework for human biomedical research, and the Ministry of Health’s guiding regulatory philosophy and its envisaged contours; and many more articles.




Professor Knoppers holds the Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine and is Director of the Centre of Genomics and Policy, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics, at McGill University. She is an Officer of the Order of Canada and a member of the International Panel of Experts of the Bioethics Advisory Committee (“BAC”).

Mr Ho is the Senior Research Associate of BAC and Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

1. Introduction
2. American Law and the Governance of Research Ethics – Time for International Change
3. Health Care and Global Justice
4. Regulating the Life Sciences, Pluralism and the Limits of Deliberative Democracy
5. Moral Facts and Objective Law – Challenges for the Court in Bioethical Issues
6. Life and Death – A Decade of Biomedical Law Making 2000–2010
7. At the Beginning of Life
8. Stem Cell Policies and Regulations in Japan
9. Immoral Inventions – Interaction between Ethics and Biotechnology Patent Law
10. Significant Bioethical Issues at the End of Life
11. The Challenge of Regulating Human Biomedical Research
12. Safeguard the Integrity of Scientific Research – Build a Maison à Colombage
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