[Bundle] Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy (Print + Digital)

The digital economy is an integral part of our daily lives. We spend a significant amount of our time on social media services, e-commerce marketplaces and other online apps and platforms, but how much do we know about the policies and regulations that keep us safe and businesses honest? Additionally, the ubiquity of data-driven technologies, such as online search services, digital advertising and artificial intelligence, has prompted the need for regulations to safeguard consumer interests and expectations of privacy. As data is also an asset and important input for innovation and competitiveness, business-to-business tensions over access to and use of data are starting to froth.


Year of Publication: 2023

Page Extent: 416 pages 


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[Bundle] Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy (Print + Digital)
[Bundle] Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy (Print + Digital)

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    Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy covers:
    - How telecommunications regulations ensure that the communications infrastructure simply works

    - How net neutrality laws ensure that digital infrastructure is accessible to all businesses and end users who need to get online

    - How online intermediaries that provide online platform services are regulated in order to support competition and innovation, while ensuring that public spaces are safe for consumers and children

    - How data – that key output from our online activity – is regulated so that cross-border transfers can take place

    - How data can be used to provide better business-to-consumer products, increase business efficiency and improve customer experience

    - How the access to and use of data are undergoing increasing regulation under international and domestic laws

    About the Author


    Mr Yeong Zee Kin is a technology, media and telecommunications (“TMT”) lawyer with experience in private and public sectors, and in both corporate and dispute resolution practices. He spent a lot more time in the public sector, where he had the chance to build information technology (“IT”) systems, run IT departments, advise on TMT law, develop data and digital economy policies, and enforce data protection and direct marketing regulations. He is one of the lucky ones who has been able to blend his interest in technology with his passion for the law. He has been on this scene since the dot.com days and still gets excited with every new technology trend.

    • 978-981-18-7823-7 & 978-981-18-7824-4
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