The Law on Corruption in Singapore: Cases and Materials (2nd Edition)

Authors: Mr Tan Boon Gin

Year of Publication: 2021

Page Extent: 188 pages 

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2nd edition







It has been 7 years since the first edition was published in 2007.  Since then, the Criminal Procedure Code 2010 (CPC) has come into effect and this book will answer the practical questions that have been raised about the interaction between the CPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA).  This book also discuss the applicability of the confiscation provisions under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act.  The high water mark of the scope of s 5 PCA was the prosecution of sham marriages and perversion of justice under this section.  There has since been a roll back in the use of that section and there will be discussion of the current treatment of cases previously prosecuted under s 5.  Various judicial pronouncements on words and phrases such as “public body” and “gratification” and the applicability of the statutory presumptions in ss 8 and 9 of the PCA will be covered, along with the significance of the decision of the Court of Appeal in PP v Teo Chu Ha that the PCA cannot be circumvented by the clever structuring of a financial gratification.  Finally, the book will deal with the trio of sexual gratification cases that is PP v Ng Boon Gay, PP v Peter Benedict Lim and PP v Tey Hsun Hang and the relevant considerations in ascertaining whether such gratifications are corrupt.


Table of Contents


Part A: The Elements of the Offence

Introduction (no changes from 1st Ed)

The Meaning of “Corruptly” and the Two step Test (no changes from 1st Ed)

Corrupt Element

Guilty Knowledge

Interpretation of Words and Phrases


Part B: Evidential Issues

Statutory Presumptions

Statements Made to CPIB Officers

Witnesses Requiring Special Consideration (no changes from 1st Ed)


Part C: Territorial Jurisdiction, the Attorney-General’s Consent to Prosecute and Other Ancillary Matters

Supplementary Provisions






Mr Tan Boon Gin joined SGX as Chief Regulatory Officer on 15 June 2015.  He now heads Singapore Exchange Regulation, an independent regulatory subsidiary of SGX, which undertakes all front-line regulatory functions to promote a fair, orderly and transparent market.


Before joining SGX, Mr Tan was the Director of the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force.  Prior to this, Mr Tan held several appointments at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) including Director of the Enforcement Division, the Corporate Finance Division and Executive Director of the Investment Intermediaries Department.  


Mr Tan is an advocate and solicitor and holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and Harvard Law School. Mr Tan was also awarded the Public Administration (Silver) Medal in 2010.



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