Youth Justice in Singapore – Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Restoration

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Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Restoration

The guiding philosophy of the youth justice system in Singapore is that youth offending is best contained and prevented through rehabilitation of the youth offender. This involves re-integrating the youth offender with his family and the community, and necessitates the youth offender taking responsibility both for his wrongdoing as well as his future.


This book sets out and analyses the relevant laws and procedures, case-law and court processes in the youth justice arena. In addition to the legal materials, the book explores the roles played by various parties in the rehabilitation of the youth offender, including probation officers, social workers, institutional staff, family members, and school personnel. It sets out key youth justice programmes, practices, relevant research, and case studies.


Containing a wealth of useful information, insights and analysis, this book is an excellent guide and resource for anyone working with youths, from lawyers to youth workers, educators to parents, and more generally, anyone who is interested in learning more about the youth justice system in Singapore.

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