Architecture of Deals: Strategies for Transactional Lawyering Digital

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The Architecture of Deals offers a novel set of tools – a framework of private orderings – to help transactional lawyers accelerate the development of key skills, such as:

- problem-solving techniques in complex transactional environments
- commercial acumen and strategic-thinking skills
- deal design structures and strategies
- problem-solving mindset and approach to legal and commercial problems

Author: Duc V Trang

Year of Publication: 2019

Page Extent: 456 pages 


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A transactional lawyer can use the mental models and strategies in the framework to play a more active role in crafting deals and transactions, and transform from a mere legal expert into a trusted adviser.


The framework also offers educators and learning professionals a novel, interdisciplinary approach to redefining and reimagining legal education and training. At a time of disproportionate focus on technological innovation in the legal industry, Architecture of Deals: Strategies for Transactional Lawyering is a groundbreaking attempt to drive talent development innovation in what remains a human capital industry.



Chapter 1 Introduction



Chapter 2 What does a Lawyer “Do”?

Chapter 3 Modelling Value

Chapter 4 Defining Value: Academia and the Practising Profession

Chapter 5 Value in Transactional Lawyering

Chapter 6 Expertise Creation

Chapter 7 The Education and Training of Law Students and Lawyers

Chapter 8 The Missing Theory: Framework of Private Orderings



Chapter 9 Structure

Chapter 10 Adverse Selection

Chapter 11 Moral Hazard

Chapter 12 Asset Specificity

Chapter 13 Incomplete Contracts

Chapter 14 Control, Standards and Rules

Chapter 15 Contracting Around Rules: Enterprise, Regulatory and Tax

Chapter 16 Money

Chapter 17 Exogenous Risks

Chapter 18 Exit Strategies

Chapter 19 Dispute Resolution

Chapter 20 Framework of Private Orderings: Lessons for the Deal Architect



Chapter 21 Law Schools and Legal Education

Chapter 22 Law Firms

Chapter 23 What Do Lawyers “Do”?



Appendix 1 Vintage Car

Appendix 2 Genre Productions – Pre-Arranged

Distribution Agreement

Appendix 3 Professional Legal Services

Appendix 4 Kallang Building

Appendix 5 Sonoran-PerkinElmer Earn-out

Appendix 6 Distribution Arrangement

Appendix 7 Facility Agreement

Appendix 8 Non-Disclosure Agreement

Appendix 9 Pay or Play

Appendix 10 Communication Authority of Roarkadia: Radio Communication Network Project

Appendix 11 Celebrity Endorsement Arrangement

Appendix 12 South African Grand Prix

Appendix 13 Bridge Financing for Start-up Company

Appendix 14 Founder Equity

Appendix 15 Founder Advisor Standard Template



Duc Trang is Managing Director of Landon Advisory Services and has over 25 years of experience in the legal industry. He has taught and conducted courses on transactional lawyering, and brings a unique combination of experience in roles as varied as general counsel, attorney with global law firms, business leader, educator, executive coach and consultant.


Duc was a senior executive at Motorola Solutions, Inc, where he held multiple leadership roles in the corporate legal department and as Vietnam Country Manager. Prior to his in-house career at Motorola and IBM, Inc, Duc was in private practice in California and in Asia with DLA and White & Case LLP, respectively. Duc started his legal career as Executive Director of the Constitutional and Legislative Policy Institute (Soros Foundation) in Budapest, Hungary, where he designed and carried out law reform projects in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.  


Duc obtained his law degree from Columbia Law School and his BA in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley. Duc previously served as adjunct professor at the law faculties of National University of Singapore and Central European University.

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