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  1. [Bundle] Law and Technology (Print + Digital)

    Please note that the digital copy can only be read on Academy Library, SAL’s proprietary eBook reader. It is not available in any other format (e.g. PDF). For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


    This primer by experts in their respective fields offers students and practitioners an overview of the relevant technologies, a survey of their impact on the content of law today, and a window into future issues that may arise – as well as some of the potential solutions. The text is meant to be accessible to students and practitioners, as well as to interested laypersons. The authors have strived to be clear and avoid unnecessary jargon – simple, but not simplistic.

    General Editors:
    Professor Simon Chesterman
    Professor Goh Yihan
    Justice Andrew Phang Boon Leong

    Year of Publication: 2021

    Page Extent: 756 pages 


    Member's Price: $65.00 (before GST)

    Associate Student's Price: $52.00 (before GST)

    Non-Member's Price: $97.50 (before GST)


    [Bundle] Law and Technology (Print + Digital)
    SGD 163.50 SGD 106.28
  2. [Bundle] Technology Regulation in the Digital Economy (Print + Digital)

    The digital economy is an integral part of our daily lives. We spend a significant amount of our time on social media services, e-commerce marketplaces and other online apps and platforms, but how much do we know about the policies and regulations that keep us safe and businesses honest? Additionally, the ubiquity of data-driven technologies, such as online search services, digital advertising and artificial intelligence, has prompted the need for regulations to safeguard consumer interests and expectations of privacy. As data is also an asset and important input for innovation and competitiveness, business-to-business tensions over access to and use of data are starting to froth.


    Year of Publication: 2023

    Page Extent: 416 pages 


    Member's Price: $78.00 (before GST)
    Associate Student's Price:
    $62.40 (before GST)
    Non-Member's Price: 
    $117.00 (before GST)