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  1. Law & Practice of Tribunals in Singapore
  2. Litigants in Person: Principles and Practice in Civil and Family Matters in Singapore

    The book identifies points of apparent disconnect between the assumed “ordinary” working of the legal system and the needs of LiPs. When litigants self-represent, there is an impact not only on the system in terms of efficiency, but also on all parties involved – the judges and the courts, the lawyers representing an opposing or other party, and the litigant himself. Within an adversarial system that presumes the existence of lawyers, any approach to manage heightened burdens when litigants self-represent must be multi-pronged, one that conceptualises the administration of justice as a legal ecosystem of interdependent actors.


    Authors: Jaclyn Neo and Helena Whalen-Bridge

    Year of Publication: 2021

    Page Extent: 204 pages 


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  3. Juvenile Justice – Where Rehabilitation Takes Centre Stage

    This edition is currently not in print. 

    Our new edition: Youth Justice in Singapore has been released, and it is available for purchase here.


    The guiding philosophy of the juvenile justice system is that the rehabilitation of the juvenile offender is the best way to prevent him from re-offending. The task of rehabilitation involves re-integrating the juvenile offender with his family and the community. It requires him to take responsibility both for his wrongdoing and his future. This is an effort involving many parties, not least the juvenile offender himself. This book explores the roles played by the various parties in the rehabilitation of the juvenile offender, including probation officers, social workers, institutional staff, his school, parents, extended family, and so on. It also covers the legal principles, case law, procedures and processes in the arena of juvenile crime, and shows how the juvenile justice system is designed to advance and promote the rehabilitation philosophy.

    Author: Lim Hui Min

    Year of Publication: 2014

    Page Extent: 208 pages 

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  4. Information and Communications Technology Law in Singapore

    Information and Communications Technology Law in Singapore is the first and only textbook to bring together a variety of topics on the law regulating the use of infocomm technology (“ICT”). The authors provide a comprehensive account of local jurisprudence in relation to the subject and also delve into a comparative study of the laws in other jurisdictions in areas where domestic law is still in its infancy. This work will provide the reader with a deep understanding of the domestic and global trends in the development of online regulations, the domain name regime, e-commerce and computer crime laws as well as laws concerning data protection and privacy interests.

    Authors: Warren B Chik and Saw Cheng Lim

    Year of Publication: 2020

    Page Extent: 552 pages 

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  5. Legal Legacies: The Story of Singapore Law

    This book is a delightful synopsis of Singapore’s rich legal heritage. It highlights the development of Singapore’s legal system, the evolution of legal practice and the changes in court systems from tenuous beginnings to world-class status. Legal Legacies provides a pictorial look at the key moments, places and people in Singapore’s legal history over 60 photographs, many of which are seen here for the first time, punctuated by interesting anecdotes. Each book comes enclosed in a specially-designed envelope which is packaged with four loose postcards showing artworks and photographs of Singapore’s court houses over the years. The fine finishing and artwork make this publication both a useful resource for history aficionados as well as a veritable keepsake.

    This is a joint project by the Singapore Academy of Law Legal Heritage Committee, supported by the National Heritage Board

    Date of Publication: Mar 2011

  6. The Law in His Hands: A Tribute to Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong

    This book celebrates the 75th birthday of former Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong. Comprising three Parts, the book underscores what has been an extraordinary life in the law displayed in all its manifold and variegated aspects. Part I of the book contains a short biographical essay and a number of speeches and interviews. In Part II, experts in the various fields of law synthesise and analyse the former Chief Justice’s contributions in the major areas of Singapore law. Part III contains a representative selection of Mr Chan’s publications and speeches, written or delivered in his capacity as both Attorney-General and Chief Justice – all marked by his characteristically deep scholarship as well as practical approach towards the law.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Chao Hick Tin, Andrew Phang Boon Leong, V K Rajah, Yeo Tiong Min (general editors)
    Date of Publication: Oct 2012

  7. Intellectual Property Law of Singapore (softcover edition)

    This book centres on the discussion of intellectual property law in Singapore. The chapters are categorised into six Parts: Introduction; Copyright; Patents, Innovation and Inventions; Designs; Trade Marks, Passing Off and Unfair Competition; and Confidential Information. Each Part is written with the objective that it may be studied on its own. However, as there may be overlapping rights between the categories, cross-referencing between Parts and chapters is necessary. Singapore’s intellectual property law, like that in many other countries, is intricately bound to a larger set of international legal norms and standards. Therefore, the study of this branch of the law is not complete without consideration of the historical perspectives as well as the influences of international treaties and conventions in the different categories of intellectual property.

    Author(s): Susanna H S Leong

    Year of Publication: 2013

    Page Extent: 1,352 pages 

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  8. Law on Carriage of Goods By Sea - 3rd Edition

    After the second edition of this book was published in 1994, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act was amended to give the Hague-Visby Rules the “force of law”. This brought the Singapore position on the effect of these Rules in line with UK law. Furthermore, the effect of the provisions of the Bills of Lading Act (“BLA”), and the corresponding UK statute, namely, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992, has been explained in many cases in Singapore and the UK. Since the last edition, other aspects of the law on carriage of goods by sea have also been clarified and there have been many important judicial pronouncements on the effect of the Hague Rules and the Hague-Visby Rules.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Tan Lee Meng

    Year of Publication: 2018

    Page Extent: 744 pages 

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  9. The Law of Agency (2nd Edition)

    This second edition discusses the many new and significant decisions, since 2010, within Singapore and other leading common law jurisdictions. These include: Ho Kang Peng v Scintronix Corp Ltd [2014] 3 SLR 329; Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (Publ), Singapore Branch v Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2011] 3 SLR 540; Cavenagh Investment Pte Ltd v Kaushik Rajiv [2013] 2 SLR 543; Chang Benety v Tang Kin Fei [2012] 1 SLR 274; Chu Said Thong v Vision Law LLC [2014] 4 SLR 375; Thanakharn Kasikorn Thai Chamkat (Mahachon) v Akai Holdings Ltd (2010) 13 HKCFAR 479; Kelly v Fraser [2013] 1 AC 450; Eclairs Group Ltd v JKX Oil & Gas plc [2015] BUS LR 1395; FHR European Ventures LLP v Mankarious [2014] 3 WLR 535 and Benedetti v Sawiris [2014] AC 938. Significant parts of the book have also been re-written to achieve greater coverage and clarity including sections discussing the distinction between agents and servants; capacity to enter into the agency relationship; express and implied actual authority; apparent authority in the context of companies; representations giving rise to apparent authority; duties of performance and gratuitous agents; and breach of the implied warranty of authority.

    Author(s): Tan Cheng Han SC

    Year of Publication: 2017

    Page Extent: 440 pages 

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    The Law of Agency (2nd Edition)
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  10. Employment Law in Singapore - Cases and Materials

    Employment has been an area of especial focus in Singapore even before her independence, given its extensive impact on the general population. Various employment legislation enacted since the founding of Singapore sought to deal with pertinent issues of the time, be it the influx of immigrants in the 19th century, the industrial unrests in the 1950s, or the economic restructuring in the 1980s. Employment Law in Singapore – Cases and Materials consolidates and traces the development of the various legislation which regulate employment practices in Singapore (including the Employment Act, the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, the Employment Agencies Act, the Work Injury Compensation Act, the Workplace Safety and Health Act and the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act 2015) which as a whole seeks to strike a delicate balance between the competing needs of the various stakeholders such as workers, employers, employment agencies, insurers, and the general public. Cases featured in this book include not only those pertaining to employment offences, but also administrative infringements and work injury compensation. It will serve as a useful handbook to practitioners and persons interested in the regulatory aspect of employment law in Singapore.

    Author(s)/Editor(s)/Contributor(s): Benjamin Yim

    Year of Publication: 2016

    Page Extent: 396 pages 

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